Vibhay Chawla

Full NameVibhay Chawla


Lives inIndia

My story

There is not much to be called a 'Story' in my life.
I consider the privilege to write stories to be earned rather than written casually in an online resume section. But yes, I'm working hard for my Story to be worth sharing and path-breaking one day.


I am Vibhay and I love what I do. I sniff out bugs in softwares... Yes !
That's why a nerd like me is called a Software Tester. I fancy myself being called a 'Would be' blogger too. My professional career spans almost 7+ years now. Currently I'm working with a Norwegian MNC - TargetEveryOne as Team Lead - Testing.

My hobbies

  • Reading Books... A lot of them
  • Listening to Hip Hop and Rap Songs..Chris Brown tops the list
  • Try to remain updated with current affairs happening world over
  • Learning new tools and languages which might help me professionally

Future goals

The foremost future goal is to live a content and blissful life. I know this sounds too vague, so here is my list:

  • To own a house real soon
  • To become a successful blogger some day (On Sidelines)
  • To visit all the famous travel destinations of the world with my wife
  • To learn and master multiple development languages like Python, Ruby and Swift to start with
  • And yes, to hone and poilish my automation testing skills to Expert level

Misc info

I don't know what qualifies to be called misc info about me. Once I can come up with something to put up here, I will update this section.
Hope it makes sense !